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Learning, Psychological or Diagnostic Assessments

Psychological assessments of children and adolescents are available in various forms: 

  • Learning or psychoeducational assessments

(i.e., assessment of cognitive abilities, memory, information processing, and academic achievement levels) 

  • Diagnostic assessments

(i.e., to specifically assess for developmental disorders or mental health conditions such as anxiety, mood or thought disorders)

Assessments are intended to assist families in understanding more about why a child/youth may be struggling academically, socially, emotionally, and or psychologically.  Assessment services can be ‘stand alone’ or lead to follow-up intervention services, at the request of a family.

  • Comprehensive psychological assessments

(i.e., psychoeducational assessment + socioemotional assessment which explores a child’s sense of self, family, and screens for anxiety, depression etc.),

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