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Consultation for Caregivers or Third Parties

Dr. McHolm strongly believes that consultation services can be a highly effective approach to intervention; in fact, sometimes consultation is the most effective way to  address presenting issues.   Depending on the identified concerns, consultation can be provided to parents/caregivers (e.g., to address a child’s anxiety or behaviour management issues) and/or a third party at their request (e.g., consultation to involved daycare/school staff or health/allied health professionals). 


In addition to serving children, adolescents and their families, Dr. McHolm also offers consultation services to health/mental health agencies or school boards in areas of expertise (e.g., selective mutism, trauma).   System-directed consultation may be geared to meeting the needs of a particular child/family or in providing supports regarding service delivery models at a systems-level (e.g., development of a clinical pathway for service delivery).

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